Size Genetics – tips for a better sex life

The average erect penis is around 15cm. But, in this world, there are many men, probably, with small penis and then could you both put your sexual performance problem that you can get.

However, we know that women do not enjoy particularly when they encounter a super-endowed man. There’s nothing sexy about painful intercourse, and that’s just what women complain when a man’s penis is too big.

Do you believe or not, a combination of stimulation and foreplay can make a woman worship a small penis just as much as the bigger one.

Therefore, we will continue to present the best sexual positions to get maximum satisfaction from a small penis.

sizegeneticsBefore any position

Clearly, sex is much more than penetration. And quite a few men know the benefits of foreplay. A man with a small penis should especially take advantage and more than this, prolonging foreplay until his partner is fully aroused.

The closer you orgasm early penetration, the easier it will be to touch while practicing one of these positions. Caressing and whispering erotic kissing, manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris are indispensable.

Position the dog

When done the right angle, position your dog can do the smallest penis look huge. You need to lie down, head and shoulders supported by a pillow, while lowering your butt up. To help create the most effective angle, arch your back. Thus, the penetration will be much deeper.

This position is perfect for G-spot stimulation, as the penis touches the front wall of the vagina.


For this position, lie down on your stomach with your feet together and your partner over in the knee. For added convenience, you can put a pillow under your abdomen. Will penetrate your lover back, but you must take care to keep the weight in your hands so that you do not feel crushed under it and you can not breathe.

Rabbit Ears

Lying on your back, try to bring your both knees toward your chest and rest your feet on your partner’s chest or shoulders while he keeps your knees and loosen them. This position is ideal for men who like to take control because they may decrease or increase the speed and style vary penetration.

Position V

Lying on your back, raise your legs gradually, then put them on the shoulders stretched lover. You can catch basin’s hands and he can induce the pace that we want to achieve together amorous ecstasy.

This position due to compression of the legs on the abdomen, greatly reduces the volume of the vagina, which facilitates very deep penetration. Pleasurable sensations felt are very intense and can get quite easily cervico-uterine orgasm, which is said to be the deepest form of orgasm.

Or you can simply use the Size Genetics. It is a device that can increase your penis with many cm, easy, easy and painless. It is a latest technology that gives you what you want.