Uncover the impact of magnesium deficiency on your health

Like Edgar Allan Poe said, poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. It is the expression of emotion in beautiful words, an escape from personality and an echo asking a shadow to dance. Regardless if it is love poetry, political poetry, prose poetry or meditative poetry, it should be written so that it will inspire, enthuse and touch the heart of whoever reads it.
Poets require numerous skills and talent to write beautiful poems. A dizzy and tired person with health problems could encounter problems in writing remarkable poems. Did you know that magnesium deficiency manifests as dizziness, weakness, irregular heartbeat, seizures, twitching and shaking.
intracalIn most cases, magnesium deficiency can lead to calcium deficiency. It is important to have a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to have a healthy body and a clear mind required for writing appealing poems.
Severe magnesium deficiency can cause reduced serum potassium levels, low circulating levels, tremor and muscle spasm, according to wikipedia. But it can also lead to hyperexcitability, muscle cramps, fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, heart failure and personality changes.
Intracal is a high quality dietary supplement which contains calcium orotate and magnesium orotate. The ingredients penetrate cell membranes and enable a successful distribution of calcium and magnesium at the cellular levels.
Due to its content in calcium and magnesium, Intracal encourages a healthy cardiovascular system and heart and it promotes healthy bones and teeth. Apart from fortifying the bones, Intracal helps reducing the food cravings, it offers relief to premenstrual problems and it alleviates numerous other health conditions such as osteoporosis, colitis, hepatitis, sinusitis, arthritis, laryngitis, vaginitis, psoriasis, pancreatitis, high blood pressure and numerous other health problems.
Not only poets require proper levels of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are essential for the health of any person, but especially for pregnant and nursing women.
During pregnancy, magnesium assists repairing and building the tissues. A severe magnesium deficiency during pregnancy could lead to poor fetal growth, preeclampsia and even infant mortality. Because calcium and magnesium work in combination, Intracal should be one of your first alternatives. Studies have indicated that adequate levels of magnesium during pregnancy supports keeping the uterus form having premature contractions, reason why supplementing with magnesium is mandatory during pregnancy, mainly because magnesium relaxes the muscles.
Magnesium has even more benefits on the health of the consumers. It supports building strong bones and teeth, like calcium, it normalizes blood sugar and insulin levels and it assists the functioning of certain enzymes. In addition, magnesium assists maintaining adequate cholesterol levels and it reduces leg cramps.
A beautiful and clear mind combined with talent and poetry skills will certainly result in wonderful poems and verses. In order to maintain the health of the organism and to promote the overall wellbeing, any person requires proper levels of magnesium and calcium. If they are not taken from nutrition, they should come from dietary supplements. Is your mind clear enough to write lovely poetry?